Erik Peterson

Opinions: In No Specific Order

Use semicolons in Javascript.

Rigid adherence to any software ideology is detrimental.

Just use postgres, you goof.

Stand-ups should never take more than 1 minute per person. This does not mean each person gets 1 minute each.

Stand-ups should not include more than 10 people. More can be allowed if they take a blood oath to never talk.

It’s pronounced with a hard G, like in “Graphics”.

Less process is generally better. Process burden need not be a function of team or company size.

Avoid big refactorings/rearchitecture when possible. Refactor in place instead.

Never rely on unproven third-party software. This does not mean “never use third-party software”.

Periods inside of quotation marks are dumb.

New features automatically become riskier the more the product / project matures.

99% of potential new features make a mature product worse.

You will need to concentrate on Application Security sooner than you think.

The word “Cybersecurity” reminds me of the movie Hackers. Stop cyber-ing everything.


So, my website has been more-or-less nonfunctional for about 5 years. I finally buckled down and got things going again. Instead of my own home-rolled blogging software I went the simple route and just used a static site generator based on Jekyll called Octopress. We’ll see how this goes. I’ll actually post stuff here in the future, I think. Twitter is great for soundbytes and snippets of wisdom, but I’m finding it too constraining when discussing nuanced topics.