Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson's Resume

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Erik Peterson


800 Indiana Street #454
San Francisco, CA 95126

Work Experience

Core Security

Director of Platform Development Jul 2016 - Present

Led the creation of a new suite of cloud products for a company that had previously only deployed on-premise products. Technology stack is primarily Java (Spring), with some Ruby services, using Hadoop, Mongo and Docker.

  • Responsible for hiring, development philosophy and process, ideology, culture and technical direction
  • Worked closely with advisors, customers and product management to create and test a product vision
  • Developed and iterated on prototypes and a “minimum viable product” to hone in on delivering a valuable and useful product
  • Reponsible for team that developed and designed a cloud platform from soup to nuts - from deep packet inspection to Hadoop to CSS and everything in between
  • Architected communication architecture to integrate legacy on-premise products with the new platform
  • Supervised the development of additional security-related identity products


Engineering Manager Aug 2015 - Jul 2016
Principal Engineer Jan 2014 - Aug 2015
Senior Software Engineer Apr 2010 - Jan 2014

Developed and led the development of both front-end application (Rails) and back-end applications (pure Ruby and C) for set of network security appliance products.

  • Manager for UI development team
    • Responsible for hiring, mentoring and review
  • Technical lead for product engineering team
    • Responsible for hiring and interview process
    • Mentored and guided growth of junior engineers
    • Set major architectural goals and guided their execution
    • Led implementation of product features and new product lines
  • Tactical organizer
    • Led daily stand-ups
    • Managed release process
    • Main intermediary between Engineering and Product Management
    • Primary escalation engineer for Support
  • Individual contributor
    • Overhauled 6-year-old Rails application to conform to modern standards
    • Created a Service Oriented Architecture for backend systems
    • Improved backend event processing performance by two orders of magnitude
    • Managed database systems in challenging deployment situations
    • Created leveldb-backed storage engine for raw network data
    • Created system for end-to-end testing of the entire appliance


Senior Software Engineer Aug 2006 - Dec 2009

  • Developed Ruby on Rails application for physicians to manage patients with chronic heart failure.
  • As first engineer, recruited and cultivated a tight-knit team.
  • Led large project that used Merb and CouchDB to streamline internal data flow and processes.

Impulse Marketing Group

Programmer / Database Administrator May 2004 - Aug 2006

  • Developed internal reporting tools using PHP, Java Struts and Ruby on Rails.
  • Created credit card billing system and customer service interface using PHP.
  • Managed PostgreSQL transactional database and Oracle data warehouse.

Open Source

Contributed to Rubinius, Rails, rbvmomi, impacket, stache and other projects. Created negative-captcha project, a Ruby gem for bot-resistant forms.


Georgia State University 2006 B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems