Erik Peterson
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Software engineer with nearly two decades of experience working with early-stage startups and small companies. Proven experience building and scaling products. Able to work throughout the stack with any language or platform.
Work Experience
Modern Health
Mental Health Benefits
Python, React, React Native, Postgres
Jan '23
Oct '21
Senior Staff Software Engineer
Oct '21
Oct '19
Oct '19
Jan '19
Head of Engineering
Jan '19 to Jan '23
Joined as the 5th employee during seed stage. Contributed to the rapid growth of the company to 400 employees.
  • Led the implementation of a scalable architecture that handled exponential user growth, surpassing 1 million members.
  • Co-created engaging mobile and web apps using React Native and React, including multimedia content, text chat, and video sessions for members.
  • Developed a web app for therapists and coaches using React, simplifying client management, scheduling, and communication.
  • Implemented a Federated GraphQL API, improving data communication and integration across back-end and front-end systems.
  • Architected a microservice framework with Python, Flask, and aiohttp, supporting the back-end infrastructure.
  • Implemented robust logging, tracing, alerting, error reporting, and monitoring systems for high system performance and reliability.
  • Managed infrastructure configuration using AWS services like ECS, RDS, and S3 with Terraform.
Authentication Security
Go, Ruby, React, Postgres, .NET Core
Jan '19
Feb '18
Director of Engineering
Feb '18 to Jan '19
Joined through acquisition. Led multiple teams in the successful development and delivery of the Identity and Access Management product.
  • Designed and implemented a modern UI using React, enhancing user experience and efficiency.
  • Migrated key services from .NET to Go and Ruby, improving performance and scalability.
Core Security
Network Security (Acquired 2018 by SecureAuth)
Ruby, Spring, Angular, Neo4j, Postgres
Feb '18
Jul '16
Director of Platform Development
Jul '16 to Feb '18
Joined through acquisition. Led the development of new products and integrations among three acquired companies.
  • Designed a system using Spring and Neo4j to trace attack paths, improving network security measures.
  • Created an intuitive UI using Angular to visualize attack path graphs, aiding in effective threat analysis and mitigation.
  • Unified functionality across product lines, streamlining operations and enhancing customer experience.
  • Successfully replaced legacy systems with modern Ruby-based solutions, improving efficiency and maintainability.
Network Security (Acquired 2016 by Core Security)
Ruby / Rails, C, Javascript, Postgres
Jul '16
Aug '15
Engineering Manager
Aug '15
Jan '14
Principal Engineer
Feb '14
Apr '10
Senior Software Engineer
Apr '10 to Jul '16
Joined at Series B. Started as a UI developer and steadily took on more responsibility, eventually transitioning to management.
  • Played a key role in capturing and analyzing large datasets of DNS traffic, contributing to improved network security measures.
  • Developed a reporting UI using Rails, optimizing data visualization and analysis.
  • Created a storage and replay engine for metadata on high-volume DNS traffic, supporting efficient analysis.
  • Implemented end-to-end testing procedures, ensuring the reliability and quality of the appliance.
  • Created monitoring systems for system health and network configuration, facilitating prompt issue detection and resolution.
  • Contributed to the development of systems for packet injection and malware analysis, enhancing threat detection capabilities.
  • Made significant contributions to distributed systems for configuration and messaging, improving efficiency and reliability.
Medical Devices (Acquired 2014)
Ruby / Rails, MongoDB, Postgres
Dec '09
Aug '06
Senior Software Engineer
Aug '06 to Dec '09
Joined at Series B as the first product engineer. Led the development of a UI for physicians to manage patients with chronic heart failure.
  • Developed an API for consuming high-fidelity data from blood pressure monitoring devices, aiding accurate patient monitoring.
  • Created a web application for doctors to view and compare blood pressure waveforms, assisting in treatment decision-making.
  • Co-created algorithms to automatically detect potential signs of patient decompensation, improving proactive care.
  • Led a project to streamline internal systems, unifying manufacturing, lab, and deployment processes.
Impulse Marketing Group
Marketing and Advertising (Acquired 2006)
PHP, Perl, Postgres, Oracle
Aug '06
May '04
Database Administrator
May '04 to Aug '06
Developed internal reporting and process tools for a small marketing and advertising company.
  • Developed internal reporting and process tools to analyze and display campaign effectiveness data.
  • Created a credit card billing system and customer service interface, improving billing accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  • Managed PostgreSQL transactional database and Oracle data warehouse, ensuring efficient data management.
Georgia State University
Computer Information Systems